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Clinical Psychophysiology, Science, and the Soul

Harold Koenig wrote in the Journal of the American Medical Association, that "A whole person is someone who has physical, emotional, and spiritual dimensions. Neglecting any of these aspects of humanity leaves the person incomplete and could interfere with healing. He said that his investigations do not measure soul, but they may serve to show that soulful experiences have consequences for physical health.

Stress and the heart

Neurohumoral features of myocardial stunning due to sudden emotional stress, Wittstein, I.S and H.C., Champion. 2005. New England Journal of Medicine 352(Feb. 10):539-548.

Acute and reversible cardiomyopathy provoked by stress in women from the United States. Sharkey, S.W., et al. 2005,Circulation 111(Feb. 1):472-479.

Soul and Spirit in Health Care

Donald Moss, PhD
Biofeedback interventions help to cultivate a mental attitude of "letting go," and teach a physiological emotional self-quieting, which creates meditative conditions conducive to spiritual experiences. By training patients to modify brain states, neuro feedback induces states of consciousness conducive to spiritual awakening and personal transformation. "…we saw evidence of a neurological process that has evolved to allow us humans to transcend material existence and acknowledge and connect with a deeper, more spiritual part of ourselves perceived us as an absolute, universal reality that connects us to all that is" (Newberg, D'Aquili, & Rause, 2001, p. 9).

Transcendental Consciousness as Self-Referral Awareness: The Platform for Psychophysiological Homeostasis and Perfect Health. The article presents a current view of the health-related applications of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi's Transcendental Meditation (TM) program, as noted by a TM teacher and researcher. The writer traces the development of research in the medical field concerning the role of TM as a preventive and corrective strategy for promoting homeostasis. Current physiological feedback loop models and speculative quantum theoretical ideas are considered as mechanisms that mediate the holistic impact of TM on health.

Deeksha and the Brain

Deeksha Energy seems to be transmitted through the Brain's left prefrontal Area. The hypothesis that the Deeksha (energy transfer between two persons) initiates Kundalini Awakening and prepares for a shift in the brain's command centre. On many occasions they had the opportunity to record the EEG of the subject while Amma was giving Deeksha to other persons. These studies were done in the Spring of 2005 at New Brain - New World in Symbion Science Park, Copenhagen.

The Basics of Quantum Healing: What is the True Nature of Reality? The Basics of Quantum Healing, Deepak Chopra, M.D.

Mayo Clinic

Trancedental Meditation

The Mind-Body Connection - Health is a state of mind. By Tad James.

Time Line Therapy™ - A powerful tool to support the healing of cancer. By Tad James.

Happiness and the Immune System

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