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We provide Taster Sessions, Half Day Introduction and a Three to Six Day Seminars. These can be tailored to meet your needs and group size.

Taster Session (20-60 minutes) -

  • Brief introduction to yoga
  • Introduction to meditation mantra
  • Chanting yoga

Half Day Introduction

  • Introduction to yoga
  • Yoga in modern lifestyle
  • Chanting yoga
  • Yoga diet
  • Seminars - Typical Schedule

Day One

  • Introduction to yoga,
  • Yoga in modern time.
  • Benefits and indications of Yoga and meditation in our daily life.
  • How to put your efforts in the right direction to achieve your goal and Motivation enhancement techniques.

Day Two

  • Practical exercises on mantra meditation.
  • Introduction to relaxation. Asanas (shavasana, Tadasana, etc.)
  • Stress management at work.

Day Three

  • Philosophy of meditation and Yoga.
  • Control of mind with Pranayam (breathing exercises).
  • Introduction to Chakras and energy centres.
  • Mantra meditation and other meditative techniques.

Day Four

  • Introduction to chanting Yoga.
  • Yoga principles and practice.
  • Nutrition and Yoga Diet.

Day Five

  • Pranayam (breathing exercises).
  • Meditation.
  • Literature to help practice.
  • Questions and answers.

Day Six

  • Chanting meditation (beads), transcendental acoustic music jam.
  • Concentration exercises.
  • Questions and Answers.

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