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Types of Yoga

Multiple yoga sects, the important ones are as follows:

  • KRIYA YOGA: is a preparatory yoga and enables a person to measure his capability in the light of his desire to attain SAMADHI (perfect absorption of thought in one object, particularly in the light of one's apprehensive troubles (KLESAS).

  • KARMA YOGA: provides the means to attain enlightenment through banal social activities.

  • HATHA YOGA: is one of the most popular sects where attainment of higher self is achieved by physical, physiological and psychological training. Here, complicated bodily arrangements are practised for therapeutic purposes amongst many others.

  • BHAKTI YOGA: is a yoga system that professes to complete
    veneration of personified deities. Deep emotional involvement is the most important criteria for the success in this sect.

  • JNANA YOGA: this path of spiritual realisation through a speculative philosophical search for truth. This forms the basis of achieving enlightenment.

  • MANTRA YOGA: in which special and sacred words are CHANTED as principal exercise. MANTRA is a deep devotional incantation.

  • RAJA YOGA: most popular sect used as a therapy tool. It emphasis on attaining mental development, mental self-control by mental practice.

  • TANTRIC YOGA: utilises the mystic, but physiological notions of increasing the psychic power based on power called KUNDALINI, which are awakened and brought to SAHASTRA centre (Singh, 2006).

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