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Chanting yoga aims at giving a holistic education through ancient wisdom. Based on the principles of vibrational medicine,the primordial sound vibration is used for acheiving balance and happiness. Chanting yoga will help you to achieve longevity,better health,loving relationships and a blissful life.

We present a different form of yoga which can be practiced by anyone, anywhere. There is no need for special equipment or facilities, making it ideal for hectic modern life.

It is called "Chanting Yoga". This form of yoga brings great benefits to the individual, especially reducing stress and improving personal effectiveness.

The method we use is based on the concepts of self-regulation, relaxation, and holism and extended metaphorically to create a philosophy of living. This philosophy emphasizes, self-direction, responsibility for ones own health, and harmony with ones body, nature and fellow humans.

Mantra is a word or sound repeated to aid concentration in meditation, originated from vedic age, introduced to western world as Hinduism and Buddhism. It is a Vedic Hymn.

How powerful is the mantra?

One mantra practised for life with sincerity can lead to amazing realizations and total bliss.

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Chanting Yoga is a particularly powerful way of overcoming stress and regaining control of our life. Stress plays a key role in many illnesses and adversely affects our lives.

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Most people take "yoga" means a set of physical exercises and postures. However, the physical exercises (or "Asanas") are just one of the eight limbs of the ancient yoga system. Chanting Yoga is firmly based in the traditions of the ancient practice of yoga, which like ayurvedic treatment is becoming increasingly popular in the West.

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There is increasing scientific support for Yoga. Studies of the cardiac system, physiology, and from the psychological point, more and more towards the ancient truths is expounded in the vedic texts.

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We offer an easy introduction and ongoing support in Chanting Yoga for individuals and groups, including corporate groups.

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There are several useful books about yoga and the lifestyle associated with Chanting Yoga.

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Yoga Diet

Nutrition And Yoga
Arguments for vegetarianism are strong in all aspects from HEALTH, ECOLOGY, ECONOMICAL and SPIRITUAL perspectives.
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what our clients say

"Since practicing chanting yoga , I feel much calmer. I sail through my management meetings at work now, before I couldn't stand them. My day goes much smoother. 20-30minutes in the morning helps me to completely relax and calm myself for the day".
Christopher / Consultant Geriatric Medicine, London
“It changed my life, I was anxious before and on medications for anxiety and antidepressants, now I feel calmer and happier. I have high levels of energy throughout the day”.
Lynda / Volunteer MIND, UK
“I felt less angry and anxious in just 3 weeks.I feel kinder and my blood pressure has reduced from 156/94 to 117/78. My alcohol consumption reduced and I was able to stop drinking in just 6 weeks. I feel introspective after 20 minutes of practice and detached from outside world and stress. I also have high levels of energy and learnt to get up early. I definitely recommend this to others as a life changer”.
David / Consultant Cardiology , London
“Since I have been on the program I feel my life is much balanced. I have more tolerance and feel much stronger in coping with difficult situations and everyday stress. Its definitely the best program for wellness”.
Caroline Fuggle / Teacher, UK
“I suffered with flying phobia for 17years. The practice of changing yoga completely rid me of the fear of flying”.
Lucy / Psychotherapist, UK
“The program helped me to regain my sleep pattern back. I used to suffer insomnia and felt tired and run down and very emotional. I was finding it difficult to deal with stress at workplace. The program helped me to come off the sleeping pills. l I have learned to relax and being free of medications feels great!”
Natalie / UK
“I used to have recurrent colds and flu and feel run down. The program helped me to breathe better and strengthened my immune system”.
Kelly / Data analyst, UK


Every particle in your body is communicating with the entire cosmos. Yoga is about experiencing that.